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Game #28 -- Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees

Seattle Mariners

Ichiro Suzuki,  CF
Willie Bloomquist,  3B
Raul Ibanez,  LF
Richie Sexson,  DH
Ben Broussard,  1B
Jose Guillen,  RF
Yuniesky Betancourt,  SS
Kenji Johjima,  C
Jose Lopez,  2B

Jeff Weaver,  RHP

New York Yankees

Melky Cabrera,  CF
Derek Jeter,  SS
Bobby Abreu,  RF
Alex Rodriguez,  3B
Jason Giambi,  DH
Hideki Matsui,  LF
Jorge Posada,  C
Robinson Cano,  2B
Doug Mientkiewicz,  1B

Chien-Ming Wang,  RHP

I guess Johnny Damon is hobbling again after his last at-bat because he is out of the lineup again today.  

I love Damon far more than I expected when he first signed with the Yanks, but I wish he would just go on the DL once and for all and get healthy.  It makes no sense to have him playing every other day and he's certainly not going to get into any kind of groove at the dish if he's not healthy.

Knocking around Jeff Weaver (0-4, 18.26) shouldn't be a tall order for the offense today, but I guess stranger things have happened.