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Addressing a trade rumor

Rumor has it that the Phillies could be interested in Kyle Farnsworth after Tom Gordon has come down with a shoulder injury and could miss significant time.  In exchange, the Yankees would likely be interested in RHP-Jon Lieber to help shore up the vacancy in the starting rotation.

If I'm Brian Cashman, I'd jump all over this deal and I'd eat as much of Farnsworth's contract as possible to make it happen -- not to mention pay for his plane ticket out of my own pocket and give him a full-body massage for good measure.

Jon Lieber has never been an elite pitcher, but he would add some much needed stability to the rotation for a couple of months at least until the return of Phil Hughes and/or the possible return of Roger Clemens.  It is obvious to everyone that Carl Pavano will not contribute anything to this organization, so they need to get rid of him one way or another.

Lieber doesn't have to be great.  He can win more than his fair share of games with the run support the Yanks' offense would supply him.  His best assets are that he works fast, throws strikes, and he will eat up innings that the Yanks so desperately need.  At this point, the Yanks can ill-afford to have two slots in the rotation filled by two rookies who have a hard time pitching into the 6th inning on a consistent basis.

If I'm GM-Pat Gillick of the Phillies, there is no chance I make this deal.  First of all, it is still only the first week of May and Lieber is pitching well.  Lieber isn't likely going anywhere until the Phillies fall out of the race.  By then, the Yanks may no longer need him.

Secondly, Farnsworth is anything but a dependable arm and the Yanks would probably need to give up more than Farnsy and money to get Lieber.  However, when teams are desperate so early in the season, they could be willing to do just about anything to address their needs.

Few imagined that Cashman would have swindled the Phils last season by trading a bucket of balls (four low-grade prospects) and a lot of cabbage in return for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle.   Of course, the major difference is that the deal was made in late July at the trade-deadline when the Phils were out of the race and clearly in salary-dumping mode -- not the first week of May.

Unfortunately, I don't see this deal happening.  It is much harder to make a deal at the beginning of the season because every team is still mathematically in the pennant race.  

It is far more likely that Cashman will have to watch the waiver wire and hope to catch lighting in a bottle like he did with Shawn Chacon and Aaron Small two years ago or the acquisition of Brian Bruney last season.

Your thoughts?