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Glass Carl to consult Dr. James Andrews

ARLINGTON -- Injured Yankees starter Carl Pavano (right forearm tightness) felt discomfort while pitching Wednesday afternoon and had to cut his bullpen session short after throwing for less than 10 minutes.

Pavano said he is going to consult noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews as soon as possible because, "It's not where it needs to be."

"The setback was disappointing, but to me he was more disappointed than anybody because we don't count our chickens," Torre said. "The fact that he had to be shut down because of how he felt ... I know he is frustrated and he doesn't know what his next move is. Dr. Andrews may help him along those lines."

Torre said any appearance by Pavano, who has been injury-riddled since joining the Yankees in 2005, "is a bonus."

"We don't know when he is going to throw again," Torre said. "You certainly need to find out how to help him along in this area. I don't know what the answer is right now."