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Trades anyone?

Let's forget about the bench for the time being so...what do the Yanks do now? I think Cashman has to make a move to help improve the rotation, but we need to help him out a bit. I've always been a fan of Brian, but his record has been very up and down in the pitching department. OK, mostly down.

Trading Sheffield for an injured Humberto Sanchez, not trading for Mike Gonzalez, passing on Hideki Okajima, Javier V., Karsay, Jaret Wright, Pavano (although he was thought to be the cream of the crop at the time the Yanks did pick him up) and acquiring Kevin Brown just to name a few. Why they included a few minor leaguers to sweeten the deal was always beyond me.

Anaconda is hearing rumors about the Phillies...Yea! Farnsworth is the name we all want to see go first on PA. Babying him like Joe does is worse than seeing Abreu bunting from the three hole with two on and no out, but that's another issue. Since it's been discussed already I'll leave Farnsworth alone. If he does go then they will need another arm in the pen and Colter Bean is not the answer. Any suggestion on that front?

Now for some fantasy speculation. As for our position players, who do you think the Yanks would consider trading if they could get some good arms in return? The more I look at the roster, one name shoots out at me. Hideki Matsui. Yea, I know he's a huge draw in the Japanese market and is a decent clutch hitter, but I think he has a lot of value to a team like the Dodgers that have a wealth of pitching and no power threats in their lineup.

In his last nine post season games he's 8-36 with only 2 doubles, 1 HR and 2 rbi's. That's it. He's been as bad as the rest of the crew in their last two horrendous post season failures...

I know that it'll probably never happen, but if the Dodgers reached out with a big offer, that would be interesting. The Yanks can always get a bat before the trade deadline is over. OK, that's it for now....