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is at the point when you stop digging. It looks like they've bought a new shovel. That incredible Yankee offense made Dustin McGowan look like Cy Young yesterday. They can't win a close game or add on to leads. Jeter shouldn't be expected to hit .600 with runners in scoring position for the season.

Rivera has ONLY three saves. Think about that. Three saves. As bad as he's been, Mariano has never had a chance to pick himself up. In other seasons when he has started slowly, Mo always got the ball pretty quickly with a chance to right himself. He has pitched in 16.2 innings so far and I can't even remember when he came into a game for a save while Mike Meyers is up to 23 IP's and he's a lefty specialist.

Pettitte goes tonight. Will he stop the digging for at least one game?