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Calling all the Cashman's

The Yanks get swept by the Angels and every problem that has plagued them this year were exposed in this series. Friday, awful pitching led to ten runs and a loss. Saturday, a complete game from Wang and the offense only scores one run. Sunday, Mussina pitches a gem through 6 1/3 and seems to have found himself again, but in comes the bullpen (Proctor had been excellent in his last 10 innings) and the Angels score three runs on one hit and four walks and the Yanks fail to tough out a win. I thought Torre should have left Mike in for another batter, but that's just me...

The Yankees need to make some moves and I hope Cashman is burning up the phones, but it's so early in the season that there can't be that many teams willing to make a trade right now. Brian already brought up like a full baskeball team of rookies so far to deal with all the injuries, so there is no Wang and Cano to call up as reinforcements. The Rocket isn't coming for at least six games...Looking at the AAA roster, only Shelley Duncan's stats grab you. He's a first baseman batting .322 with 12 hr's and 31 rbi's. I haven't seen him play, but do the Yanks cut loose Manky or Phelps and bring him up? And who comes off the bench to pinch hit then?

Does Cashman step up his attempts to bring over Helton's bad contract from Colorado to try and give the offense a lift? Would that then turn into a Farnsworth to Philly deal? What other big time hitters are available in June? Matsui is not a # 3 and has failed so far hitting in between Jeter and ARod. Abreu's struggles have hurt the Yanks the most since he was that bridge between the two. And we can't forget Damon's injuries, which have also been a major problem.

Toronto is up next and the Yanks have to pitch two rookies, Desalvo and Clippard to make it to Boston. Do you see any way that they can win that series to stop the bleeding?

Will firing Torre suddenly wake up the team? I doubt that. And who would replace Cashman if the Yanks fall further into the abyss and King George wants a scalp?