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Goodbye Mr. Glass

I wasted a fantasy pick on him, Brian Cashman wasted 40 million dollars, Yankee fans wasted countless hours reading about his various injuries. Like a broken down Stallion with a fractured foot, it looks like Carl Pavano may finally be put down for good.

"We're looking at the realistic possibility that he won't pitch for us anymore," General Manager Brian Cashman said.
Pavano will never step foot in the clubhouse in a game situation again. It looks like his injuries have all but ended his least with the Yankees although some people seem quite optimistic about Mr. Glass' return"
"That's why he wants to get it taken care of as quickly as possible," said Pavano's agent, Gregg Clifton. "There are varying estimates of recovery times, from 11 to 18 months. If he's at 14 or 15 months, that's next August. His goal is to get the surgery done as quickly as possible and begin his rehab and be as aggressive as possible with it."
I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Pavano was cursed from the first time he stepped foot on the rubber at Yankee Stadium to the final time he left in pain. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. The most he saw of the Yankees was the rehab facilites in Tampa. Sure, there are pitchers plagued with injuries on a regular basis, but I can remember none more frustrating that Carl Pavano. Be it hiding injuries, getting into car crashes, or wilting under the pressure: I am hopeful Brian Cashman will take the steps necessary to give that bum the heave-ho.