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When Damon gets on base

this team is 100% better. He's been hurt all year and it's quite evident that he can't run as well as he used to, but if he can continue to get on base, the Yanks will start to score runs more consistently. In the last three games he's been:

3-5 Yankees score 8-W
0-4 Yankees score 3-L
3-4 Yankees score 6-W

...and raised his average to .275, with an OBP of .373. Even though his running is hampered, Johnny raised his steal total to nine and his presence on 1B shook up Wakefield on Monday. Last year he surprised us with his power numbers, (24 HR's, 80 RBI's) but his legs won't allow him to drive the ball now unless he gets time to heal. Still, all the Yanks need is for him to continue to slap singles and this offense will score. I do think Cashman will need to bring another bat to the team and soon. Matsui is not a #3 in my mind even though he's starting to get hot finally.

.291, 11 doubles,  4 HR's and 23 RBI's in 117AB's.

Now the Angels stroll into town for a weekend series and we know how they have been a thorn in their side since '96. A series win is a must and to do that they'll be pitching Clippard, Wang and Mussina. I'll be stuck listening to Rex Huddler unfortunately. And you think Michael Kay is bad....