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Is this series make or break time?

It's amazing for me to even talk about this possibility in the month of May, but let's face it. If the Yanks don't take this series from Boston their playoff chances are slim. Detroit and Cleveland are playing great baseball also so the Yanks can't fall ten games out of the wild card and expect to storm back on that front either. The White Sox are ahead of them and when Minnesota gets Mauer back I believe they'll start to win games too.

The bats are showing signs of coming out of a horrendous slump, but they have to produce the next three games. I don't think they can survive if the Red Sox pound them in the Bronx and I think Torre felt the same way. That's why he went to Tyler yesterday against the Mets. The Boston games are worth double the cost to Torre so he set up the rotation of Wang, Mussina and Pettitte to at least win two out of three at a minimum...