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Game #42 -- New York Yankees at New York Mets

New York Yankees

Johnny Damon,  CF
Derek Jeter,  SS
Hideki Matsui,  LF
Alex Rodriguez,  3B
Jorge Posada,  C
Bobby Abreu,  RF
Robinson Cano,  2B
Doug Mientkiewicz,  1B

Tyler Clippard,  RHP  (0-0,  -- )

New York Mets

Jose Reyes,  SS
Endy Chavez,  LF
Carlos Beltran,  CF
Carlos Delgado,  1B
David Wright,  3B
Shawn Green,  RF
Paul Lo Duca,  C
Damion Easley,  2B

John Maine,  RHP  (5-1,  2.15)

So much for my Rasner stats and commentary yesterday after taking a line-drive off his hand on his ninth pitch.  Theo Epstein must have a collection of Yankee voodoo dolls at his disposal because some of these injuries to the starting rotation just can't be explained.

Tyler Clippard is the seventh and latest sacrificial lamb to be thrown to the wolves this season and will likely compete with Matt DeSalvo for the #5 slot in the rotation once Clemens returns and Hughes continues to recuperate.

I hope Clippard pitches well enough to stay in the rotation for now because I believe he has more upside in his ability than DeSalvo.

The interlocking-NY graphic is the logo now featured on the new batting practice caps and first introduced in Spring Training of this season.  The bottom graphic is the Flushing mascot, "Mr. Met," and was used as an alternate logo for the New York Mets from 1963 to 1970.