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How would you fix the Yankees?

It's time to put your GM cap on and figure out how to turn this team around.  

The object of this thread is to move beyond and expand from the easy and obvious "Fire Torre" or "Fire Cashman" responses because neither answer requires any cognitive thought.

Besides, Cashman isn't going to get the boot in the middle of the season and I believe one of the stipulations for the Clemens' signing was that Torre is going to stay in the dugout for the entire season.

So, fellow Yankee fans, what would you do to improve this team if you're Brian Cashman?  Can the season be salvaged?

Please stay away from ludicrous trade suggestions such as Kyle Farnsworth, Mike Myers, and Bobby Abreu for Johan Santana or Jake Peavy because those kinds of trades don't happen in the real world.

I realize this is a challenging question, but we are all amateur managers and GMs throughout the season, so now it's time to test your knowledge that expands beyond blaming Torre and Cashman for everything because changing managers or GMs mid-season can't be the only solutions to fix this team.

Give it your best shot and tell us what you would do.