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How many times have we heard about the #1 minor league prospect in baseball being a can't miss and suddenly we seem to miss their name in the major leagues? We've all read the hype, seen the scouting reports on Phil Hughes and saw a very nervous young man on the mound against Toronto last week.

Last night against Texas he was THE top prospect in baseball. This was the kid who has pinpoint control, a nasty curve and a new and improved change up that will be the key pitch in his arsenal. What I really liked about his performance was that he took the ball and threw quickly. He had a plan, picked up the pace from last week and dominated.

Of course with this team, something had to go wrong, right? And it did. The Yanks have kept Hughes on a tight pitch count in the minors and the plan was for him to max out at 100. On his 85th pitch he blew out his hammy. He didn't tweak it, he heard a "pop."  

The Yanks do a tremendous job with the post game show and it didn't disappoint last night. Torre, Cashman and the whole team were depressed after the injury occurred and didn't hide their feelings to the media...The Yanks fired the dude who was their new "Hamstring" injury coach..A little too late don't you think?