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Memo to Farnsworth: Shut Yer Piehole

Aye Carumba. Can this team not go a week without stirring up the pot? This time it's reliever Kyle Farnsworth opening his Hello Kitty diary and yapping away at Roger Clemens' deal.

Farnsworth indicated he was not a fan of the plan, that he believed all players should be at every game. Clemens has the team's permission to be absent when he wishes between starts, a privilege he also enjoyed while with the Astros.

Farnsworth told The Score: "It might cause some friction. ... Granted, this is going to be his 23rd or 24th year and he can get the opportunity to do that, but still, I think if you're going to be part of the team, you should be here always."

Now I understand some team mates might have a problem with Roger Clemens' deal, but why they would feel the need to voice displeasure publicly, NOW, when the team is struggling the most is really baffling to me. The LAST person who should be flapping their gums is a relief pitcher with a lifetime ERA approaching 4.50.

Now, I've never been the biggest Roger Clemens' fan, even during his first stint with the Yankees. But, this is a man who has earned every bit of his contract. The Yankees desperately need him arm and his leadership right now. The team should be sticking to the same talking points with the press. If Kyle's got a problem, take it up with management. If it's REALLY bothering him, he can pitch elsewhere.