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Division title a longshot? Not so, says Elias

Very interesting stuff from Mark Feinsand that proves coming back from an 8-game deficit is hardly rare in recent years:

Since 2000, there have been eight instances when a team has overcome a deficit of at least eight games to win their division:

  1. Minnesota trails Detroit by 12½ games on May 27; Twins win the AL Central by 1 game.
  2. New York trails Baltimore by 9 games on May 7 (and second-place Boston by 6); Yankees win AL East in a tiebreaker with the Red Sox, who win the wild card.
  3. Minnesota trails Kansas City by 8 games on April 28; Twins win AL Central by 4 games.
  4. Oakland trails Seattle by 8 games on June 13; A's win AL West by 3 games.
  5. Oakland trails Seattle by 10 games on May 30; A's win AL West by 4 games.
  6. Atlanta trails Philadelphia by 8 games on June 1; Braves win NL East by 2 games.
  7. Houston trails Chicago by 8 games on June 17; Astros win NL Central in a tiebreaker with Cardinals, who win the wild card.
  8. San Francisco trails Arizona by 9 games on May 28; Giants win NL West by 11 games.

A look at the above information shows that overcoming a deficit of eight games at this point in the season isn't quite as rare as it would seem to be. With that said, the Yankees certainly need to play better than they have if they want to add a ninth team to this list.

I don't know if the Yanks are going to win this division or not, but I don't believe the Red Sox are going to run away with it and leave the Yanks in their dust.  They are playing out of their minds and due for a reality check in a big way.