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Game #36 -- New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners

New York Yankees

Johnny Damon,  CF
Bobby Abreu,  RF
Derek Jeter,  SS
Alex Rodriguez,  3B   
Jason Giambi,  DH
Hideki Matsui,  LF
Jorge Posada,  C
Josh Phelps,  1B
Robinson Cano,  2B

Andy Pettitte,  LHP  (2-1, 2.72)

Seattle Mariners

Ichiro Suzuki,  CF
Jose Vidro,  DH
Raul Ibanez,  LF
Richie Sexson,  1B   
Jose Guillen,  RF
Adrian Beltre,  3B   
Yuniesky Betancourt,  SS
Jose Lopez,  2B
Jaime Burke,  C

Horacio Ramirez,  LHP  (2-2, 7.62)

A win today gives the Yanks a 9-4 record against the M's and Rangers over the last two weeks.  Their starting pitching has improved significantly during this stretch and the bullpen hasn't been forced to pitch 4-5 innings a game as they had been doing much too often in April.

The Yanks obviously have an edge in the pitching matchup this afternoon, but they also have a disturbing history of struggles against rookie and underachieving pitchers whom they should hammer with little effort.

The featured graphic is the official team logo of the Seattle Mariners from 1980 to 1986.