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Game #34 -- New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners

New York Yankees

Johnny Damon,  DH
Bobby Abreu,  RF
Derek Jeter,  SS
Alex Rodriguez,  3B   
Hideki Matsui,  LF
Jorge Posada,  C
Josh Phelps,  1B
Robinson Cano,  2B
Melky Cabrera,  CF

Darrell Rasner,  RHP  (1-1, 2.75)

Seattle Mariners

Ichiro Suzuki,  CF
Jose Vidro,  DH
Raul Ibanez,  LF
Richie Sexson,  1B
Jose Guillen,  RF
Adrian Beltre,  3B
Kenji Johjima,  C
Yuniesky Betancourt,  SS
Jose Lopez,  2B

Jarrod Washburn,  LHP  (2-3, 3.18)

Giambi was a late scratch due to the bone spur in his foot.

Tonight's pitching matchup is a rematch of Sunday's Pinstripe Alley Day -- sans the Clemens' announcement.

Rasner has pitched well this season when given the opportunity but he tends to get winded around 70 - 80 pitches and loses his command fast after sailing along.  This is why Rasner is probably best suited as the long-man out of the pen and an emergency starter only once Clemens and Hughes return to the starting rotation in another month or so.

The Yanks really need to win 2 of 3 games this weekend or they are really going to dig themselves into a hole with the competition getting much tougher over the next few weeks (ChiSox, NYM, BOS, and LAA).

The Red Sox are not going to maintain their current pace of playing almost .700 ball, but they still need to stay within striking distance or their streak of AL East titles will be coming to an end fast.