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Bobby Abreu's play is beyond awful

I had every intention of venting my frustrations about Bobby Abreu's defense this season (especially yesterday's game), but our friend, PinstripePowerhouse, does a good job of addressing the same issue on his own blog -- River Ave. Blues -- and illustrates the value of a solid defense with Wang on the mound.

Nice job, Powerhouse.

Abreu came over from the Phils last season with a reputation of being "lazy" on defense and it hasn't taken long to confirm that reputation.  He consistently approaches the outfield wall as if it has grown teeth and threatens to bite a chunk out of his ass if he gets within 10 feet of it.

Much of his lackadaisical play in the outfield would be forgiven if the guy was raking the ball at the dish as he did last season with the Yankees during August and September.  

However, that's not happening either and has barely hit his own weight during the last month.  Abreu is known for being an on-base machine, but hasn't drawn a single walk in almost 50 at-bats.

I don't think he was going to be retained at the end of the season anyways, but Abreu will soon be getting the "A-Rod treatment" from the fans and NY media if he doesn't turn it around -- FAST.