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Yankees Wrap Up...of Pain

We get a rundown on the recurring and recent injuries and illnesses the Yankees have been going through lately:

  • Carl "Mr. Glass" Pavano is throwing a ball again...from a mound...and nothing hurts yet.

  • Jeff Karstens won't need a cast but will be out for two months.

  • Johnny Damon is trying to avoid the DL with extra rest.

  • Bobby Murcer is traveling to Arlington with the Yanks.

  • Frank Torre will be getting his Kidney Transplant tomorrow.

    Let's pray for both Frank and Bobby, that their recoveries be swift and they stay well. On a lighter topic, I was dumb enough to draft Carl Pavano on my fantasy well as Wade Miller. Which one of those two should I dump? I need to free up a DL spot. Pavano looked strong before his arm fell off. But two weeks off, because your arm is sore? Seriously? Whaddya guys think?