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Pavano is most excellent in Minny

Pavano was's hard to say...excellent this evening in Minnesota. He pitched seven strong innings, giving up six hits, two runs and no walks. I checked the stats and in his horrendous Yankee career up to this point...he's only pitched seven innings five times in eighteen starts. Let's make that six now. And what a perfect time for him to come through. I'm being kind when I say the starters have been a nightmare so far and the bullpen by game six was already overworked. Can we start a petition to get rid of Igawa's shades?

His ball had movement and good velocity. He changed speeds and didn't pitch behind the batters too often. And when he did fall behind, Carl didn't try to nibble his way out of it like the pitcher we can-not-name...Jaret Wright...

ARod is the first Yankee in the history of the franchise to start a season by hitting five HR's in the opening 6 games.

Abreu was huge, driving in four with three hits and a HR and normally I'd say he put the game away with his two run blast in the second, but with the staff so far...cough..cough...

The defense was stellar from the start and it helped Pavano keep his pitch count down. The Bad News Bears were gone and replaced by Major league players. Manky at first did was he was paid to do; pick up bad throws to first and snare shots to the bag. Jeter and Cano made exceptional plays as well and I have to say---this was the Yankee team I had hoped to see on March 31st.