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Jeter Answers Error Questions With Class

But should we be worried:

Jeter, however, was, and he now has three errors in the first two games of the season, putting him on pace for an absurd 243 errors, which of course won't happen. But it's puzzling why Jeter, who has won the last three American League Gold Glove awards at shortstop, has made so many so soon. Perhaps something's catching - pun intended - because the Yanks have six as a team after making three for the second straight game.

I hesitate to say I see a pattern yet. And frankly, if we should be worried about him, how should we feel about that performance from Jorge last night? I felt like every time a runner got to second they would at least make it to third or possibly score because of a "wild pitch."

Hopefully, it has just been a bad two nights (they often say three makes a let's see)...