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Who would you prefer -- Torre or Mattingly?

Lots of PA readers are advocating (and in some cases demanding) the immediate termination of Joe Torre as manager of the New York Yankees.

Brian Cashman has recently been taking responsibility for this team's woes because he is ultimately in charge of putting this team together and giving Torre the tools to win.

If Torre does indeed become the fall guy at some point in 2007, who will replace him?

Historically speaking, managerial replacements in the middle of the season are usually promoted from within the organization and already on the coaching staff.  The Yankees appeared to have tipped their hand during the off-season when they promoted Don Mattingly to Bench Coach in order to groom him to become the next Yankee manager.

There is no question that Don Mattingly is one of the most beloved Yankees in the last 25 years -- but the guy has never been a major-league manager and has been performing his current duties for just a couple of months -- including Spring Training.

I have no doubt that Mattingly is going to be the next manager -- no matter if it happens tomorrow or next season.  Some Yankee fans may believe there are better candidates for the job (ie: Joe Girardi), but the organization appears to be leaning towards the inexperienced Mattingly.  Perhaps the Torre detractors should keep this in mind when demanding for his head after the first month of the season.

How would you feel about Don Mattingly becoming the next manager of the New York Yankees?   Could he make a difference this season?

My best guess is that Joe Torre survives this season but will be replaced upon season's end.  After sticking his neck out on the line in support of Torre following the 2006 ALDS, Cashman isn't going to fire him during the 2007 campaign unless The Boss steps in and demands it.