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Yanks vs Red Sox-Game 23-open thread

Wang vs Tavaras

Starting lineups

  • Damon CF
  • Jeter SS
  • Abreu RF
  • Rodriguez 3B
  • Giambi DH
  • Matsui LF
  • Posada C
  • Cano 2B
  • Mienkiewicz 1B
  • Lugo SS
  • Youkilis 1B
  • Ortiz DH
  • Ramirez LF
  • Hinske RF
  • Lowell 3B
  • Varitek C
  • Crisp CF
  • Cora 2B

The only reason I can see Manky is playing is to scoop out throws from the infield because Wang will be getting a lot of ground balls. I hope...