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Yanks vs Red Sox: Game 22-open thread

Jeff Karstens vs Tim Wakefield.
Giambi at 1B is the first more Torre has made to shake things up and it's about time. Cashman has to do something about the platoon of Phelps and Manky.

Starting Lineups

  • Johnny Damon DH
  • Derek Jeter SS
  • Bobby Abreu RF
  • Alex Rodriguez 3B
  • Jason Giambi 1B
  • Hideki Matsui LF
  • Jorge Posada C
  • Robinson Cano 2B
  • Melky Cabrera CF
  • Julio Lugo 2B
  • Kevin Youkilis 1B
  • David Ortiz DH
  • Manny Ramirez LF
  • J.D. Drew RF
  • Mike Lowell 3B
  • Coco Crisp CF
  • Doug Mirabeli C
  • Mike Lowell 3B

Wakefield always gives the Yanks fits. It would be nice if some of our other hitters would wake up like Abreu, Damon, Melky, and Matsui...So who is left to pitch in the bullpen today? Farnsworth, Bruney and Igawa...