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Let's Try This Again

The Sox are in town. I've been blogging very little lately, due to an insane schedule, and maybe that's why I'm not pulling my hair out right now. The old workhorse gets the start today and I'm not the least bit nervous. Andy Pettite takes the hill tonight. Is he nervous? Not at all.

"I could care less," said Pettitte, who will pitch tonight's opener. "I'm serious, man. I feel bad talking about it because I know you all want a great story. But I don't care. When I go out and pitch, I keep my head down and I don't care who's in the batter's box. I don't care who I'm facing, I don't care who's at the plate. I'm just trying to make a quality pitch."
This is why the man has 1.78 ERA, while the rest of the pitching staff melts down. He's showing some serious zen like qualities when it comes to the Yankees horrendous April start.
"The bottom line is, we don't need to do anything except pitch better," Pettitte said. "Nothing else needs to be done. We're not pitching as a staff. That's all there is to it. The reason we're struggling is because we're not pitching."
There's no reason to go into panic mode and Andy Pettite knows it. Picking him up this off season will have turned out to be the best move Cashman made all winter. His steady leadership will right this ship and he'll be worth every penny come September and October.