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Game #18 -- New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Devil Rays

New York Yankees

Melky Cabrera,  CF
Derek Jeter,  SS
Bobby Abreu,  RF
Alex Rodriguez,  3B
Jason Giambi,  DH
Hideki Matsui,  LF
Jorge Posada,  C
Robinson Cano,  2B
Josh Phelps,  1B

Kei Igawa,  LHP

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Rocco Baldelli,  DH
Brendan Harris,  SS
Carl Crawford,  LF
Ty Wiggington,  1B
Delmon Young,  RF
Akinori Iwamura,  3B
Elijah Dukes,  CF
Josh Paul,  C
B.J. Upton,  2B

Casey Fossum,  LHP

Okay, I was wrong about last night.  However, this team knocked Matsuzaka around pretty hard but a dismal performance by Proctor was the difference.  I said it then and I'll say it again, I have more confidence in Brian Bruney at this point and he should have been out there instead of Proctor.  This isn't 20/20 hindsight because I said it before Proctor threw his first pitch last night.

Anyways, tonight marks the return of Hideki Matsui from the DL, but the biggest news of the day is the announcement from Joe Torre that Phil Hughes will start against the Blue Jays on Thursday.  That should be a very interesting night.