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Lost Weekend

Yea, it's early and there's 145 games left and the Yanks are injured, but being swept still stung. Friday night was the game the Yanks had a legitimate shot of winning going into the series in my mind and it played out that way until Mariano blew up...

I didn't think the Bombers would have had a chance to win the next two games which surprised me and that's what's so disappointing.

It's early in the season so I don't understand how the bullpen can be over worked with all the off days and bad weather. Granted, they've thrown mor einnings, but they've choked, period.

Dice-K was there for the taking, the Yanks spanked him and if the bullpen comes does its job. The Yankeeees Win!...Proctor melts down and that is that.

I look at the pen and I think they're pretty good, but Farnsworth, Proctor, Vizcaino and Mariano have been horrendous and the end result is that Boston celebrates and we rationalize.

This has been a wild start to a season if there every was one. Who could have predicted that ARod would be Ruth and Rivera would be Lidge. Thankfully, Matsui and Wang will be back this week and Boston comes to the Bronx next weekend. Will the bullpen show up anytime soon?