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90 Dollars a Minute

That's the enormous asking price for Roger Clemen's return. See...Four million dollars a month ($24 million a season pro-rated) seems too incomprehensible. I can't quite understand 129,000 dollars a day or get my head around 5,300 dollar an hour. It's the simple equation of 90 dollars a minute whether he sleeps, eats, or watches The Secret that I can grasp. That's a cable bill payment every 20 blinks or so. Still, Clemens is unfazed by that money:

However, Clemens' answer to the Yankees didn't exactly clear up the situation. He told Yankees owner George Steinbrenner that he wasn't close to deciding his comeback plans.
Rocket's price is high, but Steinbrenner seems willing to pay it. I like the sheer audacity of it all. It's not my money, so I don't care whether the Boss spends it on Clemens for one season or not. I am not the biggest Rocket fan, but I'd like to see the spectacle of Clemens' return at that price whether it be a spectacular success or enormous bust.