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Yakkity Yak

Like Ms. Cleo, Gary Sheffield can make predictions, too. He predicted that A-Rod would have his best season. Why? Because he cleared the air over his friendship with Derek Jeter:

"I think what he did, stood up, that's what's going to get him over the top. He expressed how he felt. He was honest. And that goes a long way. I guarantee you when he went home it was a peaceful night."...

"He really wanted to say these things a long time ago," Sheffield said, "but Alex is a passive guy in that area. He didn't want to touch that subject. That could be borderline controversial. But he chose to do it, and I think he's going to benefit from it.
If there's any word to describe that reasoning, it would be specious. Anytime A-Rod opens its mouth, the press idiots look to spin it into a controversy. Rodriguez expressing himself led to a weeklong firestorm of bogus drama. I think Sheffield is trying to horn in on the publicity. Sure he's got a new huge deal and plays for a contender, he misses the megaphone that was New York (and L.A.) and leave it to him to horn in on this story for no good reason. Alex Rodriguez is going to have a monster year because of his immense talents, not because he told some reporters that he's not the bestest of best buddies with the team's shortstop.