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A-Rod Comfortable in New York?

Could it be?

So says John Harper:

Yet he seems at ease with all of it, which you have to think is a good sign for the Yankees' season. Even while saying yesterday that anybody who thinks he's going to the Cubs next season "couldn't be more wrong," A-Rod shrugged off the latest headline as part of the New York existence that he insists he loves more than ever.

"You've gotta be able to laugh at yourself," he said. "I've learned that over the last few years here. Most people who know me think I'm crazy because I want to be here, when it would be so much easier somewhere else.

Is this more wishful thinking? Who knows. But I would love to see Harper be right. We all know this is the the simple key to success for him.

If A-Rod gets comfortable, that's when he'll be really dangerous.