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Into His Shoes

Now that Steve Swindal is out on his literal and figurative butt, the race is on to be the next in line to take over control of one the most powerful sports franchises in the world.

The contenders are:

Hank Steinbrenner

He has a close relationship with Yankees vice president of player personnel Billy Connors, whose power has been greatly diminished by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.
Hal Steinbrenner
He is known to possess a temper similar to his father's, and following the 2003 season, Hal thwarted George Steinbrenner's renewed attempt to take away dental coverage from team employees.
Felix Lopez
He runs Legends Field and the Yankees' minor-league complex, and he has accompanied Steinbrenner on multiple trips to the Bronx.
Hopefully, The Boss has a smooth succession plan in place or we're looking at an epic struggle for power not seen since King Lear. If you thought the press tearing in to A-Rod is bad, wait until they sink their teeth into a power struggle in the house of Steinbrenner.