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Swindal likely out as successor to Steinbrenner


TAMPA, Fla. -- George Steinbrenner's daughter filed divorce papers this week against her husband, Steve Swindal, a move that appears to end his chance to take over as head of the New York Yankees.

Jennifer Swindal filed the papers Tuesday in Hillsborough County Circuit Court's family law department, Yankees spokesman Howard Rubenstein said Wednesday. Rubenstein said the papers cited "irreconcilable differences."

"Steve and Jenny Swindal announced today that they are amicably ending their marriage of 23 years," Rubenstein said in a statement. "Although their marriage is dissolving, they remain friends and maintain a strong mutual respect. They are devoted to their two children and will make them their shared focus."

Reached by telephone, Swindal said he didn't want to comment beyond the statement or address his role with the team.

In June 2005, Steinbrenner said Swindal eventually would succeed him as head of the Yankees. Swindal currently is a Yankees general partner and chairman of Yankee Global Enterprises LLC. The New York Times, citing a source with direct knowledge of the situation, reported on Wednesday that Steinbrenner now has no intention of promoting Swindal, but removing him from the team altogether could be complicated since he is a partial owner of the club.

"I'm the boss," Steinbrenner said through Rubenstein, according to the Times. "I continue to be the boss. I have no intention of retiring, and my family runs the Yankees with me."