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Hughes Goes Back To The Minors As Expected

The young phenom did have a bit of a rough spring:

Hughes showed his age during his three exhibition outings, posting a 7.71 ERA in 4-2/3 innings. His final outing was the roughest, as he allowed three runs on four hits and three walks in just 1-1/3innings against the Indians on Sunday.

"I took a lot of things out of it, especially from that last outing," Hughes said. "There are things that I have to work on. You can only benefit from the experiences you have, so I'll take as much from it as I can."

And from what Torre is saying, the Yanks want him in the minors one more year:

"A lot of things have to happen to consider him this year," Joe Torre said. "Our goal is to have him have a good year under his belt down there."

Of course, as John wrote, Karstens has been amazing, so who knows what they do with him.

Meanwhile, in addition to Hughes, The Yankees "sent pitchers Chase Wright, Ross Ohlendorf and Matt DeSalvo across the street to the minor-league camp."