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Jeff Karstens

...looked awesome. His fastball popped up to 91mph which surprised me, but it was his control of the curve and change that was really impressive. Maybe it's because hitters haven't caught up yet, but he looked like our # 4 starter tonight. Strike one sure makes it easier to pitch and Karstens understands that simple fact.

He struck out four hitters in four innings and has not been scored on in nine innings so far with zero walks. He's making a great case for himself to make the team, but with the extra bullpen pitchers they've acquired I'm not sure if Torre will make him a long reliever. He needs to keep pitching. As it is Bruney may be ticketed to Scranton if he doesn't get enough innings in.

Chase Wright also showed that he may have major league stuff as a lefty...

I watch the pre-season so you don't have to...