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They Speculate

More A-Rod speculation in the media. MSNBC asks the question, "Could A-Rod opt out of his contract?"

J.D. Drew, like A-Rod a client of agent Scott Boras, used an opt-out clause to leave the Los Angeles Dodgers for a $70 million, five-year contract with the Boston Red Sox.
Of course all this is rampant speculation; making a news story of what A-Rod could do and turning it into what he might do. The press silliness has begun WAY before the season has started. For all the poking and prodding, it's a wonder A-Rod keeps his cool at all. Even his agent, Scott Boras, is shooting down the rumors;
"At this point in time, Alex has certainly reflected to me he's very happy in New York. We have not talked about anything like that and probably will not until the season is completed."
They will still ask a hundred times throughout the season,though, and they will get the same answer a hundred times. A-Rod is here to stay for a good long time. Get used to it.