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A-Rod now a children's author

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NEW YORK -- Alex Rodriguez's trophy shelf already features two American League Most Valuable Player Awards and two Rawlings Gold Gloves. The Yankees third baseman can now add a pair of books for children.

Rodriguez will become an author for the second time when his new release, titled "Out of the Ballpark," hits stores Tuesday. Published by HarperCollins, the 32-page hardcover book is based on Rodriguez's childhood.

In a statement, Rodriguez said that the story draws from a lifelong passion for baseball.

"Working on the book has been an extremely rewarding experience for me," Rodriguez said, "especially now that I have a daughter [Natasha, 2] of my own and see how important children's books are in her life."

Illustrated by Frank Morrison, the book will also be released simultaneously in Spanish.

I'm sure the many A-Rod haters out there will find a way to rip the guy for this as well, but I say good for him.  

Superstar athletes reaching out to children is never a bad thing and I wished more of them engaged in such activities.  A-Rod deserves credit for that.

"Out of the Ballpark" can be purchased via Amazon here.