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Go Eff Yourself MSNBC

Not only do these sprotswriter idiots help to spur on and spread the A-Rod - Jeter non-story, but now they are keeping it going because they are not getting the juicy soap dish they wanted. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter were given MSNBC sports Co-Whiners of the Week award. Why? For not playing along with the medias bogus game of gotcha. Jeter gets mud slung at him as well.

Jeter didn't have to be co-Whiner of the Week, but he vaulted into that lofty position in our estimation by pretending that nothing's changed.

"I don't have a rift with Alex," Jeter said. "We go out there. We work together. This is our fourth year to be playing together. It's annoying to hear about it all the time."

He made it sound like a choice, as if he's supposed to get brownie points for consenting to take the field with a teammate, even one he doesn't have over to his crib for play dates.
I work with people whom I dislike, not really care for, or don't know at all. Being a professional, I don't let that interfere with my work. I just want to make a living. That's what's going on in New York. Why must A-Rod and Jeter be the best of buds? This ain't the '79 Pirates and "We Are Family" won't be playing in the clubhouse. Actually what I find more reprehensible than this hit piece is the fact A-Rod and Jeter was found to be worth more derision than Tim 'I hate gay people' Hardaway. Good to know where MSNBC's priorities are.