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Quick Hits

Here are some news flashes of the day:

  • From LoHud: The Yankees and Red Sox tour Asia.
  • From the Post: Bernie just might take that spring training invitation.
  • From MSNBC: Carl Pavano opens his yap and claims he's finally ready to do what he's overpaid for.
  • Other Yankee News: The Scranton/ Wilkes Barre Yankees new field has been named. Scranton. That's where "The Office" is located.

    The Big game is this weekend. The Vegas odds have held steady at Colts favored by seven. If I were a betting man...scratch that. If I were a betting man with money, I'd take the Bears to win or cover the spread. I have know idea in who going to win, but I'd like to see a Manning finally win the big game.