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Randy Whines That It Was The Media's Fault

Relaunch covered some of this in his diary, but I wanted to give my feelings on this. So here they are:

This is classic Randy Johnson. No it wasn't his fault he sucked in New York. It was the media's fault. They never gave this man, you know, the one who by all apearances has such a sparkling personality, a chance.

Claiming that he was mistreated by scribes who never took the time to know him, Johnson's latest heater seemed to fall as flat as those that he had tossed during his ill-fated tenure in the Bronx.

"That was the one thing that didn't click very well," Johnson told reporters in Arizona as he made his return to Diamondbacks camp. "'Oooh, he's surly and all that'; well you're damn right. If you're going to use me as a floor mat there ... write your own stories and not come to get to know me, then I don't want to sit there and give you my time."

Sure, he practicaly assaulted a cameraman during his first week in New York, and according to the accounts of several players (including Mussina and Damon), wanted nothing to do with the club the minute a game was over and derisively stared at those who showed any team spirit.

But the media are the ones who made him look bad?

Oh yeah, and there was that 5.00 ERA last year and his two playoff bombs in successive first round Game 3s. I mean, shouldn't this man be thanking the Yankees? How many bum-backed 40-somethings who obviously don't give a shit about whether their team wins or loses make around $15 million to suck, and then still win 17 games because they get more run support than they ever deserved?

That, by the way, was a rhetorical question.

Once again, good riddance Randy.