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Spring is in the Air

It's that time again. The groundhog will soon repeatedly wake up Bill Murray. Birds, bees, and butterflies will poke out their heads to take a peek at the changing seasons. Pitchers and Catchers re-establish their season long relationships. The smell of freshly cut grass begins to waft through small ball Arizonan and Floridian parks and Yankee controversy bursts through the white noise of winter.

  • The Boss' idiot son in law and eventual successor gets a DUI.
  • Players are sniping at other players as was the case with Mike Mussina this week
  • And more consternation over the state of the starting pitching.

    The buzz coming out of the press seems to be of a different tenor. These Yankees are not the same self assured giants they were even two or three years ago. The uncertainty is causing some queasiness these days. If another year goes by without a World Series ring, there could be a breakup of epic proportions.