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Pay Mariano NOW

I've been listening to the idiotic rantings of WFAN's Chris Russo on Mariano Rivera expressing his opinion about wanting to be taken care of when his contract runs out for two days now. What a sap he is when it comes to Yanks as we know. He screamed that any team willing to pay Zito more than 75 million were out of their minds----until the SF Giants ponied up over 120 million for his services. Then it was only cheers for a magnificent signing by that hypocrite. Cashman should schedule a sit down with The Great One and his agent and get a deal done. The sooner the better.

He's arguably the best pitcher in Yankee and post season history. A closer the Yanks will have a major problem replacing for years to come. Just get the job done...It's embarrassing really. Yea, he signed a bad contract the last time, but who cares. The Yanks threw around money like water for years to guys too afraid to step on the mound in the Bronx and know they're suddenly fiscally responsible when it comes to Mariano! Please, George, you're looking like a fool. Sign him for two years with an option for a third and kill this story before Rivera really gets really mad.

So, how many saves and what will his WHIP count be in 2007?