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Villone returns to Pinstripes with minor-league deal

Jon Heyman of SI reports:

Ron Villone has agreed to a minor-league deal with the New York Yankees.

He stands to make $2.5 million if he makes the club, which is likely, and an additional $300,000 in incentives based on games pitched. He will compete with Sean Henn and Mike Myers for a spot in the bullpen.

Villone, a 12-year veteran, appeared in 70 games for New York last season, posting a 5.04 ERA in 80 1/3 innings. He has a career record of 55-57 with a 4.78 ERA during a journeyman career that has seen him play for 10 different teams.

Although many on this blog may disagree with me, I don't see this as such a bad move.  

Yes, I realize that they would have received a compensatory pick if Villone had signed with another club -- but they clearly need another capable lefty in the pen in addition to Mike Myers (cue your Halloween theme music here) to help balance out that pen.

We all know Villone was the savior of that exhausted pen last season until his extreme overuse finally caught up to him just after the Boston Massacre II in August, so he can obviously get guys out if his arm is still intact and not being dragged to the mound looking like Igor.

I'm willing to give Villone another shot since that pen could use all of the arms they can get at this point and we have no idea what kind of production they are going to get out of Igawa and Pavano in the rotation.