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Odds and Ends

A bunch of minor moves and rumors from around the web:

Via LoHud:

To make room [for Andy Pettitte], OF Bronson Kiheimahanaomauiakeo Sardinha was designated for assignment. Sardinha appeared in 10 games last season and was on the postseason roster.

There is a "Mark Loretta to the Yankees" rumor every year around this time. But that got squashed when he accepted arbitration from the Astros....

Instead of haggling over a one-year deal with the Yankees, [Vizcaino] elected to remain a free agent.

So long, fair well, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

Dayn Perry of Fox Sports gives us a much needed Santana update.  He calls the Yankees "Scenario One" and suggests:

Hughes' gifts are such that it might be wisest to overlook a pressing organizational need [for bats] and get the future Cy Young contender while you can....

One concern, however, is that Santana led the AL in home runs allowed last season, and that means he'd be best suited to a park that cuts down on homers... So while Santana would still greatly improve the Yankees, he might not thrive to the extent that you'd think.

Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle believes that young pitching is the only way for the Giants to rebound.

Matsui will turn 34, is coming off knee surgery, and while we're at it, why would Matsui even think of waiving his no-trade clause to play for a second-rate team in a ballpark that would diminish his home-run power?

Here's to hoping that Brian Sabean doesn't know good advice when he hears it.

MLBTR reports that the Rockies have upped their offer to LaTroy Hawkins.

Hawkins made $3.25MM in 2007, and the Rockies declined a $3.75MM option on him for 2008.  Sounds like they'll have to come in around the option price to keep him.  Even worse, they already paid him a $250K buyout.

Best case scenario: this is enough to keep LaTroy up in thin air.