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Bo Hall?

The Yankees picked Bo Hall out of the Brewer's minor league system.  He went 54.2IP in 34 games, 41 hits, 36 BB, 56K.

He's another RHP.  If he doesn't make the team, I guess it's just money, but I don't really understand this move.

Update [2007-12-6 14:40:32 by jscape2000]:

Clarification via Chad Jennings, Hall was selected in the minor league portion of the draft. There's no obligation for him to reach the bigs. Furthermore:

These are minor league veterans who have not been protected on the Triple-A reserve roster (kind of a preliminary roster that, as far as I know, is only important for the Rule 5). Teams have given up on these guys, so there's no real harm letting another organization take a shot.

No harm in trying something.