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Yanks trade Clippard to Nationals for Albaladejo

Tyler Kepner:

The Yankees acquired Jonathan Albaladejo, a right-handed reliever, from the Nationals late Monday night for Tyler Clippard. Albaladejo, 25, worked in 14 games last September with a 1.88 earned run average. Clippard was 3-1 with a 6.33 E.R.A. in six starts for the Yankees. The deal is contingent on the players passing physicals.

I don't know anything about Albaladejo except he might be a pretty hard thrower and had 12 K's in 14 IP's. Clippard had his shot, but couldn't cut it in the AL.

Kepner also said that Minny has backed off of wanting IPK along with Hughes in their trade talks with the Yanks so stay tuned...Jose Guillen signed with KC, which means there's one less team interested in Andrew Jones. The Dodgers might be his final destination.