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Community Rules

We haven't had community rules at Pinstripe Alley before now because, frankly, we haven't needed them.

This last year has seen a huge boom in our readership.

We're thrilled by this, and we want to make sure that PA's quality stays strong.  So it's time to unveil some community rules.

  • We expect civility from all our posters.  This is a sports blog, and while passions will run high, repeated personal attacks will not be tolerated.  Posters who pick fights or flame will be warned.  Continued bad behavior may result in a temporary or permanent ban, at the discretion of the moderators.
  • This is a baseball blog.  Other topics will arise in the course of conversation; simply be respectful of all opinions.  All diaries should be baseball related.
As soon as the SB Nation techies get back to us, we'll post this on the sidebar.