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Trolling for Stories

Just because the GMs and front offices get holiday vacations doesn't mean the baseball world ever sleeps.
Here's three stories to get you through your day.

Dave Studeman of Hardball Times takes a look at Arod's two contracts, along with several other big name players who have signed multiple deals in the last 10 years.

Peter Abraham thinks the Yanks should say 'no thanks' to a Hughes-Melky-Marquez package for Johan Santana. I agree with him if the Mets can actually field an offer (if I were the Twins, I'd want Johan in the NL).

Adam G. takes a look at the value of Joba Chamberlain's baseball card. The comparables he comes up with include Clemens, Kazmir, Felix Hernandez, Justin Verlander, Huston Street, and Josh Beckett.