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Is this foolishness?

I've been reading the arguments on both sides of the Hughes-Santana trade.  I've waivered and flip flopped and changed my mind more times than I can count.

If you haven't seen Mark Feinsand's take I'll extract the most important parts:

I don't think the Yankees should trade Phil Hughes.  They spent three years nurturing this guy, developing this guy with the idea that he was going to be a number one type pitcher.  And if they honestly believe that, well then you've got a guy who for the next three years is at very little money and is just entering his arbitration years vs. a guy in Santana who, granted, is one of the 1-2-3 best pitchers in the game and is going to be asking for $20 million....

Now, if they could get Santana for a package of Kennedy, Alan Horne and Melky Cabrera I'd do that in five seconds.  I don't think they know quite as much of what Kennedy is going to be.  But I think Hughes is a guy that if they trade him, they may come to regret it.  

Now, I'm a pretty indecisive guy.  What I reach a point where I can't make up my mind, I don't.

So I'm going to suggest the Yankees take this approach here too.  I can't decide between Hughes and Santana, so I want them both.  Either call the Twins' bluff and stand by a package of IPK/Melky/Horne or...

Or trade Robinson Cano.

Cano and Alan Horne for Johann Santana.

randomize raised the point that it's much easier to find talented fielders than to find talented pitchers.  Also, because there are 9 players forming the offense, while the pitcher has a disproportionate role in the defense, it's easier to build an above average offense than an above average defense.

I know I wouldn't feel as terrible about this outcome as giving up Hughes and Melky from the MLB lineup (plus a minor leaguer).

Would it beat the rumored Coco Crisp/Lester/Lowrie offer?  Would the Twins take it?