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Lil Stein changes tune on Santana

NY  Daily News

The Yankees and Twins have had "a couple of brief calls" recently to discuss a potential trade for Johan Santana, Hank Steinbrenner said Friday, and the door is "not closed" for the Yanks to acquire the superlative lefty.

"It's up to Minnesota what they want to do and I assume they're still thinking about trading him," Steinbrenner said. "As far as what I'm going to do, I don't know. There's been a couple of brief calls. The door's not closed. "I'm still thinking about it."

Are you tired of Hank already? His deadline to Minny about a deal during the Winter Meetings was ridiculous and his constant quotes keep his rivals informed on what Cashman is doing. Of course the Yanks will be in the middle of trade talks about Santana.