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A-Rod finalizes deal, slams Boras

Pete Abraham has the audio.  Running time is about 25 minutes.

I'm not calling A-Rod a liar, but I think throwing Scott Boras under the bus is a great PR move for him even if he isn't entirely sincere.  Obviously, this is going to be his final major-league contract, so Boras has more than done his job as his agent and his services won't be needed the rest of A-Rod's career.  After the opt-out debacle, A-Rod needs to do whatever he can to repair his image with Yankee fans and the rest of baseball.

Now that the Mitchell Report is about to be released (with A-Rod's name absent from it), he is going to be the Golden Boy of MLB once he gets within striking distance of the all-time homerun record *.

Overall, history will judge today as a very dark one in MLB and the New York Yankees, but a very good day for the future homerun king.