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Want Melk?

My daring 2008 prediction:
Scott Hairston (.245/.299/.440 career) will not be starting in LF and CF on March 31st.

You know, those poor Padres need an outfielder.

My goodness gracious! Of all the dramatic things! The Yankees have extra outfielders.

If a Matsui deal can't be worked out with the Giants, maybe the Yanks could move Damon or Melky for a package likeWade LeBlanc + Doug Brocail Joe Thatcher.

The Pads would have to miss out on Fukudome and still be willing to add salary.

Update [2007-12-11 22:7:47 by jscape2000]:

I apologize for the previous sloppiness. I was trying to get something posted before the final started and just ran out of time.

Thatcher, or even Justin Hampson, would immediately be the favorite to be the lefty out of the bullpen. The Padres have a bullpen lefty to spare. The 26-year old Thatcher would fit right in with the young Yankee 'pen.

Unlike many others here, I would trade either Damon or Matsui 'for the sake of trading them.'

First, this proposal would net us an MLB ready lefty (more than the Sheffield trade has returned so far).
Second, it would reduce the payroll, which may be a factor in the still unresolved Santana pursuit. Because of the no-trade clauses involved (a full for Matsui, a partial for Damon) there's almost no way they're moving in-season.
Third, it would reduce (slightly) the pressure on Joe Girardi to juggle veteran egos and team performance.